Private SMS (Secure Texting)

Private SMS (Secure Texting) of AlfaRays is designed and developed to protect your messages by utilizing enterprise level encryption mechanisms.

First of all the application itself is protected from the intruders with 6 digits passcode. The passcode is being asked every time the application is activated (even if the work was interrupted by a phone call).

User’s phone number is one of the key components in the text’s encryption mechanism to insure intruder-free delivery and decoding of the message. If the recipient’s phone number is stated the message is sealed for the recipient only. Even if the recipient’s phone number is not stated, the default encryption mechanism provides enough protection for your messages.

Reading received encrypted messages is as easy as opening a web page link. The application is being launched automatically and, after successful authorization, you see the decoded message on the screen.

AlfaRays is aware that the protection of personal data and its confidential handling is of great concern to our users.

AlfaRays with its product Private SMS (Secure Texting) DOES NOT collect any statistics, personal information, or analytics from our users. Moreover, it does not communicate to any server or web service and operates, securely stores its internal data exclusively on the user’s iPhone device.


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